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Fortuna Moto Ltd, Registered in England, Company # 05993994, VAT Registered # 885507095

Welcome to CL Brakes

The UK's sole distributor of CL Brakepads, formerly known as CARBONE LORRAINE.

We supply both retail and trade, and all enquiries are welcome.

Telephone Sales Hotline: Paul Chance 01527 332194

Mobile telephone Paul on +44 (0)7974 153967

CL Brakes (brake pad range)

CL Brakes have been developed from experience gained stopping some of the most demanding machines on the planet, such as Dassault Mirage Jetfighters, Airbus Airliners, High Speed passenger trains, and numerous Military applications.

CL Brakes are used at the highest level by some of the Worlds fastest teams.

CL Brakepads have a minimal bedding in process which means you can fit, do two or three medium compression stops and you are ready to race.

All CL Brakepad compounds offer superior pedal feel with minimal compound compression, this means minimal losses from your brake pedal to the friction surfaces, giving a more accurate feel right up to "lock up".

We offer several compounds so you can customise the level of power and balance you require, with or without brake servo assistance, the torque curve from all compounds is remarkably flat, and offer high "grip" even from low temperatures.

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CL Racing Brake Fluid

325 Centigrade boiling point brake fluidBraking later and harder generates more heat.

Be sure you have a fluid that is up to the job.

CL Racing fluid complements CL brake pads, and has one of the highest boiling points available.


Available in 500ml bottles.





RC5 plus Brake Compound



A highly versatile compound that has a wide range of applications, especially if lower brake dust and squeal are a priority. RC5+ are kinder on discs and still offer fantastic stopping power, and are perfect for use with treaded tyres on trackdays. This compound has the the lowest co-efficiency in the range, and can be used with other CL Brake pads to find your perfect level of brake balance without the need of fitting a brake bias.


RC6 Brake Compound



An outstanding reference point racing pad, amazing levels of grip and feel. Designed for full racing use with either high grip race compound treaded tyres or full slicks. RC6 has also won many fans within the Rally world as this compound offers high initial bite, but retains feel for gravel sections. If you want to win races or set your fastest times look no further.



The RC6 Endurance racing compound brake pad

RC6E (Endurance)


The most durable compound within the CL range. Originally designed for Endurance racing, but also has many race victories within the Historic racing world, used extensivley in high powered classics such as Jaguar E-types, AC Cobra's, FORD GT40's, and Lola T70B's, where brake modifications are prohibited by regulations, and CL's superior power and feel are even more advantageous. RC6E is also ideal for heavier race cars where brakes are under more load, and pad wear is more severe.



RC8 Brake Compound

RC8 & RC8R



Our highest grip compound that offers one of the highest co-efficient available anywhere. A favourite with Tarmac stage WRC cars, World Touring Car, and NASCAR. The RC8R "finned" backing plate option is available in this compound, allowing full advantage of ducted airflow through the brake system.


New for 2014 (TVR Discs)

Click here for the Fortuna Motorsport big brake kitFortuna Motorsport 330R big brake conversion, to fit

TVR, Sagaris,
Cerbera, T350,

£207.50 + VAT (+ Standard UK delivery).

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Useful Links

CL Braking (Fortuna Moto Ltd) works closely with select motorsport and trackday specialist organisations. If you need any help with parts, building or setup of your race car, or maybe you just want to take your road car to a trackday? You will find all you need on one of the links below. . Motorsport car conversion specialists. . Drift Racing Team and suppliers of CL Brake Pads as well as other performance car parts mainly for JDM cars. . CL brakes are the chosen partner for this series thanks to incredible performance and value using RC5+ compound

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