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Fitment Guide

Racing Calipers

CL Racing 5000 series brake pads, have a system to help you devise which pad is suitable for your application…

For example

CL pad number 5004w50t17
5004 is CL pad shape reference number
W50 is the depth (track) of the pad, this example is 50mm
T17 is the total thickness of the pad including the backing plate

AP Racing Common fitment guide
(see full catalogue if you cannot find your pad)

AP 2 pot caliper common fitment
CL Pad no AP Part no
5001w43t14 CP2399 D43
AP 4 pot Calipers common caliper fitment
CL Pad No AP Part No
5004W50T17 CP3215 D50
5004W46T17 CP3215 D46
5004W42T17 CP3215 D42
5004W46T20 CP2279 D46
5004W50T20 CP2279 D50
5007W43T16 CP3345 D44
5038W46T16 CP7600 D46
5003W40T16 CP2340 D40
5003W43T16 CP2340 D43
5003W48T16 CP2340 D51
5031W50T16 CP6600 D55
AP 6 pot Calipers common fitment
5009W46T18 CP3894 D46
5009W51T18 CP3894 D51
5009W54T18 CP3894 D54
5009W51T17 CP5070 D51
5009W54T17 CP5070 D54
5009W46T25 CP3558 D46
5009W51T25 CP3558 D51
5009W54T25 CP3558 D54
5019W54T30 CP6210 D54
5019W54T25 CP6230 D54
ALCON common fitment
CL pad no Alcon no
5019W54T28 4495 6 PISTON
5019W54T25 4495 6 PISTON
5009W54T16 CAR 89
5009W54T28 CAR 89
5009W54T18 4489
4002 Ford Focus Alcon
Hi Spec
CL pad no
4145 (4 pot)
5004W50T17 (6 pot)

All enquires please contact Paul Chance